Today was the halfway point of my treatment.  Gary and I had planned to have a celebration by going out for breakfast together after my visit, but plans began to go south when the treatment center called late yesterday with a need to move me forward a couple of hours.  Gary then wanted  me to sleep in, which I couldn’t do, so he hung around and chatted while we sat on the patio.  I sipped coffee and enjoyed the flowers and my honey.

It took me 5 minutes to get out of my subdivision because recently, some brain child within the traffic department decided they had extra ‘No Turn On Red’ signs on hand, and decided to randomly place one at the back entrance to our subdivision.  Most people,(I am not proud to say, yours truly included), look carefully and turn right anyway, but not today.  Cars were lined up several lengths waiting…waiting…still waiting for the light to turn green.  My head was beginning to announce a headache.  Angst slightly rising.

The traffic was light on the expressway, but on the road leading up to the hospital I noticed cars were backed up for what appeared to be an inexplicable reason.  Not until I drew nearer did I see “Barney Fife” (very old television show character who was a deputy sheriff, for you youngsters; google Andy Griffith show), directing traffic in and out of the parking garage, yellow vest and all.  I kid you not…it took me 5 minutes to get into the garage, which is  just a few yards from the road.  Five. Minutes.  So now I was 10 minutes late to my doctor’s appointment, which I forgot to say I was scheduled to have before I was to have treatment today.  Headache was beginning to throb.  Angst elevated.

It took me three attempts to back into the parking place.  What the heck?  I said aloud; I can’t even back into a parking place now?!  Headache galloping; should have taken meds.  Angst in full bloom.

Finally, I was speed walking into the office, bleeped in my little hospital bracelet on the scanner, sat down, and attempted to gather myself, but mostly just prayed, “God, help me get a grip.  Soothe me with your peace.  Remind me what I read this morning.  Soothe me.”  After several minutes, my name was called to the treatment room – not the doctor’s area. (I had to see him afterward).

“There she is!” Chipper exclaimed.

“Was I missing?”

“Well, you didn’t check in,” he said.

“Yes, I did,” I replied.

“Oh! Well, for some reason it didn’t show up back here.  Sorry;  we’ll get you out of here as soon as possible!”

By then I just felt weary…already.  It’s halfway, but I don’t feel like celebrating; I feel like a nap.

But I still need to see the doctor and go to work and go to another meeting before I can go home – miles to go before I sleep.

Here’s something, though – after I left there I grabbed some lunch and went to work, which is something I love with some people I really care about.  It fed my spirit.  Then afterward, the meeting involved some of those same people and some others whom I also care about, which  energized me.  Without knowing it, those people helped me make it through this day.  Then, when I arrived home, some other folks from our small group brought us dinner, so I did not need to cook; it was just sitting there waiting for me.  What a wonderful blessing.

Today, at the halfway point, I celebrate friends…who, without being aware of it, helped me make it through a stressful, difficult day…and friends who make us feel so loved.  Thank you.  And thank you, Father, for the small celebrations of life that sometimes mean more than the grand hoopla.


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